Town and the centre of the area. It was established in the first half of 13rd century. First mentioned in the year 1256, when the region obtained the Břevnov´s Black Monk monastery. The main bussines in this era was drapery, Broumov was rated as the most productive drapery centre in Czech. Historical centre of town has shapely ground plan from the 13rd century. The dominant of town is the area of Black Monk monastery, today museum. the former castle have been transformed to provost´s centre and it was connected with church of St. Vojtěch. In the years 1685-94 there was built new monasterial church by the Martin Alliger. In the 1542 was the area of monastery Baroque modified by K. I. Dienzenhofer. Unique is also the church of the Virgin, the oldest wooden church in Czech Republic.

Infocentre - Mírové náměstí 56, 550 01 Broumov, tel.: +420 491 524 168, e-mail:

Broumovske rocksBroumovske rocks
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Town square in BroumovTown square in Broumov
Town square